Assignment on research paper creates anxiety in students but it an essential part of academics.  When checking information on any topic, you should always look up essays ( write my assignment ) and documents published by writers to understand their view point. They impress others, helps to boost the student’s confidence level and gains recognition from others. A research paper contains 15 to 25 pages.

A student should devote more time in planning his study than to perform experiments before writing a research paper.  A student should be able to choose the materials wisely for writing the paper.

If a student is performing research techniques for the first time, he/she should consult an experienced friend or colleague.  The student should focus his/her efforts on researching the hypothesis.  The student should write as though his/her work is meaningful and important otherwise people will not recognize its importance.  The writing should be precise and accurate.

Here are certain tips for writing a research paper: Start from where you are:  First of all consider all the assigned paper topics. Research paper topic should be unique and there should be a logical reason to study it.  Pick such a topic that interests you and about which you will have something to say.  Select a descriptive title.  Refer to all the course materials like readings, notes, lectures, syllabus, discussions and handouts for the possible topic.  Meet your professors to consult about your proposed topic you wish to take and take their suggestions in the matter.

Start with E-reserves that the professor has listed which can be found at the school library’s web page.  Search for the electronic resources of E-resources at the library web page.  Another source you can refer to is the subject guide.

Look out for the top 10 lists of databases at library’s web page which are selected by the librarians.

Best resource available for the research paper is a free and public catalog of more than a billion items available from more than 10,000 libraries worldwide.

If your library doesn’t have a particular print, book, article or E-book, go to the interlibrary loan department of your library.  The ILL crew will get you the copy or a book you require from another library.

Avoid expressions such as “so called” and adverb “very” is useless in any research paper.  Avoid words like “now”, “next” and “will” since they give a bad structure to the paper.

Use strong verbs. Avoid unnecessary long paragraphs.

Give examples first and results next.

Use short sentences using section readers, bullet points and simple figures in your research papers.

Write daily from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Welcome advice from those around you.

Short research papers are more likely to be read than long ones.

Your research paper should be realistic, powerful and simple.

The result section should contain only the results and not any discussions.

Don’t repeat in words what your tables or graphs convey.

Never refer to figures or tables in your abstract.  Abstract should be clear, concise and to the point.

Don’t overlook the importance of conclusions and references.